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The Power of Communication – Conan O’Brien

The Power of Communication – Conan O’Brien’s 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address

The power of communication to impact your audience.

The power to change people’s opinions.

The power to sell, sell, sell.

Please contact Pinnacle Lists to learn about how you can use targeted direct marketing list to increase & improve your power to communicate with your prospective customers.

Whether you want to utilize opt in email marketing or direct mail marketing, targeted direct marketing is an awesome way to connect with your target market with your specific message.

Remember, you need to touch them several times in order for them to take you seriously.


YouTube Brands

YouTube Brands: 5 Outstanding Leaders in YouTube Marketing!

Check out some amazing marketing videos that have been posted on YouTube!  YouTube Brands is all about having instant impact since you only have a moment!



Seth Godin Purple Cow Ideas

So what makes the Seth Godin Purple Cow ideas so unique?  Why does a marketer need to pay attention?

What makes your product remarkable?

What makes your direct marketing campaign remarkable?

What makes your targeted email message or SMS text message remarkable?

There are soooooooo many choices out there and people have soooooooo little time.  Therefore, you need to stand out!  The Seth Godin Purple Cow concept speaks to this.

Do something that people talk about!  Stand out from the crowd!  Take a chance!

Please contact us to learn more about the awesome targeted direct marketing lists that we can find for you!  Thanks for your time!

How to launch a successful email and sms marketing campaign

Check out this very good video that speaks to how to launch a successful email and SMS marketing campaign.

This presentation covers how to launch a successful email marketing campaign, text message marketing campaign, build an email marketing list, co-op, and more. Having a call to action and an offer are really a very important part of your internet campaign.

Please contact us for more details about targeting direct marketing lists.  Thanks for your time!

How great leaders inspire action

Today I would like to talk about how great leaders inspire action.   Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers — and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling.

How can this help your direct marketing campaign?  By providing you with inspirational ideas to incorporate in your copy.

Here is the video.  I hope that you enjoy it.  Please contact Pinnacle Lists for more information about targeted direct marketing lists.

New Marketing Trends 2013

new marketing trends 2013, innovative ideas, new packaging, new communication approaches

How will these new trends impact the way that you interact with products and services?

How will these new trends impact the way that marketers inform you?

Check out this video on new marketing trends 2013:

Tony Robbins why we do what we do video

Tony Robbins why we do what we do video – a very powerful talk about how our emotions shape our choices; and the powerful role they play in marketing!

Mobile Cell Phone Marketing 2013

Mobile Cell Phone Marketing 2013 – Many online marketers took advantage of Adam Horwitz’s Mobile Monopoly and it enjoyed a huge success as many of those who purchased it reported that they were getting positive ROI results from their mobile marketing campaigns.

What makes Adam’s product unique is that it trains Internet Marketers to take advantage of new trends and new technologies and with the release of Mobile Monopoly 2.0 he has added more training and tools to multiply the success level that is possible to achieve when users take action and apply the techniques and strategies that Adam.

Pinnacle Lists can also support you with a targeted text messaging/SMS campaign. Please contact us for more details.

Here is Adam’s video:

Malcolm Gladwell Marketing Ideas

Malcolm Gladwell Marketing Ideas – he talks about choices – a very important concept to incorporate in targeted direct marketing campaigns.

The client was very happy with the campaign. The click-thrus were very good. We’ll definitely look to do this again in the future. Thank you for all your help and patience! SMS Campaign SuccessLinda J - Financial MarketerLA, California, USA