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The Power of Communication – Conan O’Brien

The Power of Communication – Conan O’Brien’s 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address

The power of communication to impact your audience.

The power to change people’s opinions.

The power to sell, sell, sell.

Please contact Pinnacle Lists to learn about how you can use targeted direct marketing list to increase & improve your power to communicate with your prospective customers.

Whether you want to utilize opt in email marketing or direct mail marketing, targeted direct marketing is an awesome way to connect with your target market with your specific message.

Remember, you need to touch them several times in order for them to take you seriously.


Email Marketing 2014

email marketing 2014Today, lets look at email marketing 2014 and what is changes are happening this year.

As a Direct Marketing List Broker with nearly 10 years of industry experience, I am still seeing demand for permission based email campaigns.  Not only am I seeing regular demand for opt in email lists, I am still seeing demand for direct mail.  I think that the demand for direct mail will rise because it is going to become a niche marketing tool since direct mail use has dropped considerably in the last 10 years.

Today, I would like to look at a couple of articles that speak to email marketing 2014, to see what others thoughts are.

Here is an article titled, “The future of email marketing 2014 – All email marketing trends.” from Email Monday.  The article speaks to the following trends:
1.  The introduction of HTML5 will add new media rich elements to email creatives.
2.  Mobile marketing continues to grow and needs to be taken into consideration for all email creative.
3.  Email is integrated with social media – more and more people are communicating in this way.

Here is another article from Marketing Charts titled, “Top Email Marketing Initiatives and Challenges in 2014.”  Here are some comments from the article:
–  increasing cross channel connect with customers
–  developing more relevant engagements with customers
–  a major concern was data hygiene – how current and accurate is the email data?

Here is one more article from My Customer titled, “Email Marketing Trends in 2014.”  Some key comments include:
–  71% of B2B brands use email marketing
–  65% of B2C brands use email marketing
–  In 2013, companies have used 20% of their budget on email marketing – it is expected to grow by another 10% in 2014
–  In 2012, half of all email marketing recipients made a purchase based on a promotional email
–  For B2B Marketers, subject lines that contained the words money, revenue, and profit, performed the best
–  Emails that included social media sharing have a 158% higher click through rate
–  More people open emails in the day vs. the night
–  The use of images make your emails more appealing

Thank you for your time.  I hope that this information around email marketing 2014 has been useful for your 2014 email marketing planning.

Please contact us to learn more about the specific target markets that Pinnacle Lists can locate for you.


YouTube Brands

YouTube Brands: 5 Outstanding Leaders in YouTube Marketing!

Check out some amazing marketing videos that have been posted on YouTube!  YouTube Brands is all about having instant impact since you only have a moment!



Text Message Mobile Marketing

Text Message Mobile MarketingHow much time have you invested to understand how Text Message Mobile Marketing works this past year?

My guess is that there are still a lot of companies that have spent little to no time trying to understand how they can utilize SMS Text Messaging in their marketing strategy.

As a Direct Marketing List Broker, I have spent countless hours reviewing articles on the most effective marketing strategies available for my clients.  The majority of the copy that I have reviewed still speaks to email marketing, direct mail marketing and telemarketing.  There is still very little data out there on Text Message Mobile Marketing.

Today, I did some Googling and came across an article in Forbes from earlier this year titled, “Pulling Back the Curtain on Text Message Mobile Marketing.”  I wanted to provide you with some bulleted details from the article to help you to better understand the steps involved with SMS Text Messaging Direct Marketing.

Here are some key points from the article:
–  James Citron, the CEO of a leading video text marketing company stated, “despite the fact that we live in a mobile first society, many marketers have yet to embrace this new reality.”
–  Some more data from James: ““95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted into your text messaging program OPEN and READ your mobile messages within 3 mins.”
–  The Myth vs. the Truth around Text Message Mobile Marketing:
MYTH:  Text Message Marketing is complicated with too many unnecessary rules & regulations.
TRUTH:  Text Message Marketing is as regulated as the telephone industry in order to protect consumers and marketers alike.

Here is a great link to a guide that focuses on Text Messaging Regulations and Best Practices!

I hope that that this article has been helpful around helping you to understand that Text Messaging Mobile Marketing is a great option for reaching your prospective customers in a very timely manner.

Please contact us to learn about Text Messaging Direct Marketing Lists.  We would be happy to run a count for you.

All the best of the season to you and yours!

Top Direct Marketing Tips 2013

Top Direct Marketing Tips 2013Today, I would like to look at the Top Direct Marketing Tips that rose to the surface in 2013!

As a Direct Marketing List Broker, I am regularly asked what I do and how I support businesses.  This is a great article that speaks to the benefits of utilizing direct marketing in your business or non-profit.

What can you do differently in the coming months to differentiate yourself from the competition?

What one small change will make all the difference?  Have you added videos to your website to tap into the power of YouTube to drive your traffic?

I think that it is always important at the end of a year to review the Top Direct Marketing Tips to learn some new ideas.

When we speak with clients, we take them through our 3-Step process to ensure that we are clear about their business, and that they are clear about our deliverable.

I came across an article in digital versions of Target Marketing magazine.

Here are some of the tips that the article speaks to:
–  Marketing should be anything less than perfect today with all the tools that are available to us – grammar and spelling for instance
–  Things are more likely to be clicked if they are funny
–  Quickly identify customers who need your support
–  Understand the financial implications of the data that you have
–  Check out Offline to Online marketing – a means of driving prospects to your digital experience where they keep coming back due to incentives that you offer
–  With Opt In Email Marketing, if you have found that your prospect has not opened their email after 6 months, then remove them from the list

There are many more tips where these came from.  The key is to review them and assess which ones hit home the most for you.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your direct marketing list needs.  Thanks for your time.


Email and Text Marketing – Best Practices

Email and Text Marketing - Best Practices

We at Pinnacle Lists are always researching new direct marketing trends.

Today I would like to look at email and text marketing best practises.  What is working?  How can you take advantage of any new ideas that have recently been presented?

You will be happy to know that the rules recently became tighter for SMS text message direct marketing in the USA.  The legislation states, “Beginning October 16, 2013, prior express written consent will be required for all auto-dialed and/or pre-recorded calls/texts sent/made to cell phone and pre-recorded calls made to residential land lines for marketing purposes.” 

Here is an excellent article from CMS Wire that provides some very worthwhile insights on how to work with the new regulations s so as to positively impact email and text marketing.  Here are some highlights from the article:
1.  Make your opt in campaigns fun, relevant and worthwhile – If consumers feel that they are getting something of value in return for a message you are sending them, then they will respond.
2.  Pair Sweeps and Contests with mobile and social – Great news! One-time campaigns — those where a user calls or texts a number and receives one message such as a sweeps entry, link to download an app, single coupon, etc. — are all exempt from the new TCPA guidelines as long as they don’t contain additional advertisements!!
3.  Use mobile web pages to offer content and consent – Offering a piece of rich content, such as a song download, movie clip, etc, is a smart way to get consumers something they want, as well as get them to opt-in. Having a simple check box and language prior to content access is the easiest way to do this. “By checking this box, I agree to receive marketing/auto dialed text messages from <brand> at the mobile number I have provided. Consent is not required to purchase goods or services.”

I came across a great interview titled, “How to Avoid Telephone Consumer Protection Act Traps?”  Here is a very good quote from the interview with some feedback on how to deal with SMS marketing:  the FTC…. basically takes the position that if something is going to surprise consumers…..something is going to happen as a consequence, then you have to call it out and you have to be in their face about it. So a check box that says, yes, you can call me at my mobile number, and then there’s a check box there, that’s going to be OK. But there’s no hard and fast standard here.”

I hope that this information has been helpful around email and text marketing.

Please contact us to run either permission based email or SMS text messaging counts for your campaign.

Thanks for your time.

Seth Godin Purple Cow Ideas

So what makes the Seth Godin Purple Cow ideas so unique?  Why does a marketer need to pay attention?

What makes your product remarkable?

What makes your direct marketing campaign remarkable?

What makes your targeted email message or SMS text message remarkable?

There are soooooooo many choices out there and people have soooooooo little time.  Therefore, you need to stand out!  The Seth Godin Purple Cow concept speaks to this.

Do something that people talk about!  Stand out from the crowd!  Take a chance!

Please contact us to learn more about the awesome targeted direct marketing lists that we can find for you!  Thanks for your time!

How to launch a successful email and sms marketing campaign

Check out this very good video that speaks to how to launch a successful email and SMS marketing campaign.

This presentation covers how to launch a successful email marketing campaign, text message marketing campaign, build an email marketing list, co-op, and more. Having a call to action and an offer are really a very important part of your internet campaign.

Please contact us for more details about targeting direct marketing lists.  Thanks for your time!

How great leaders inspire action

Today I would like to talk about how great leaders inspire action.   Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers — and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling.

How can this help your direct marketing campaign?  By providing you with inspirational ideas to incorporate in your copy.

Here is the video.  I hope that you enjoy it.  Please contact Pinnacle Lists for more information about targeted direct marketing lists.

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The client was very happy with the campaign. The click-thrus were very good. We’ll definitely look to do this again in the future. Thank you for all your help and patience! SMS Campaign SuccessLinda J - Financial MarketerLA, California, USA