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How to avoid spam with email marketing lists?

How to avoid spam with email marketing lists?How many times have you heard from someone that you should avoid purchasing email lists online?  How many people have told you to stay away because it’s going to be spam?

I would tend to believe what these people are saying.  You see, there are a lot of people out there selling a lot of email data for $150.  When prospective clients tell me this, I tend to ask them: What quality of email list do you expect to receive for $150?  I also ask them if they are willing to take a chance purchasing a list that could very well have a lot of spam email addresses.

What do I mean when I say: spam email addresses?  I mean that it is highly likely that the person selling the list most likely pulled these emails right off the web without requesting any type of permission from the owner of the email address.  Therefore, even if you sent them an email indicating that they can opt-out, there is no where that you can say where they opt-ed in because they haven’t.  Please try to avoid spam.

My recommendation to client’s 95% of the time is to allow one of my email list vendors send out the broadcast on their behalf.  This will ensure that the list is permission based and that it will actually get into an inbox.  With a purchased list, the odds of the email not getting into an inbox or getting stopped by a firewall is much higher.

Please contact us to learn more about opt in email campaigns and how to avoid spam.  Thanks!

Multi-Channel target marketing is the way to go!

Multi-Channel target marketing is the way to go!When someone approaches me to run a list count for them, I will quite often ask them how are they approaching their market.  More times than not, they will say that they are doing an opt in email campaign to see how it goes.  What about direct mail too?  What are you doing to ensure that you touch your target market in several ways?  How are you ensuring that potential customers hear from you, then hear from you again; and then hear from you again?

I always recommend that my clients purchase a multi-use list that at least includes postal and phone data for follow-up purposes – especially business lists.  With consumer lists, it is less of an issue because of the DNC (Do Not Call), where I find that non-profits may purchase phone data to follow-up.

What I am also finding is that more and more of my clients are running one opt in email campaign, and if it doesn’t work out for them, then that’s it because they have a limited budget and that’s what they can afford.  To me, it’s literally like throwing money away when a campaign is only sent out once – better not to do one at all.

So again, my message is that we need to connect with our target market more than once.  As a List Broker, I recommend at least 2 times – direct mail and telemarketing OR opt in email and phone, etc.

I’m in a recession state of mind……

I’m in a recession state of mind……The more we are plugged into CNN or MSNBC, the more we are going to hear the mind numbing word, “RECESSION”.   My suggestion to you is to arrive at your own conclusions, and ultimately decide what is in your best interest.  It is very possible that hearing these messages over and over can actually help to ultimately lead us into a recession. This is what Pinnacle Lists is going to try to do!  We are going to continue to provide our clients with lots of direct marketing list options.

There is no doubt that the US economy is going through some very serious shifts – the failing auto industry that was not listening to the trends; the failing housing market that was due to shift; the imploding finance industry due to their far over extending themselves.  All of these events have occurred due to mismanagement.  Nothing magical has happened other than errors in judgement.  So, I offer you to turn off CNN or MSNBC for a while and tune into some more uplifting stations; and make up your own mind on how you are going to face this economic cycle we are presently experiencing.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you grow your business with targeted direct marketing.

How will Obama impact direct marketing world?

How will Obama impact direct marketing world?Since the Presidential election, I have been contemplating how Barack Obama’s election will impact on the Direct Marketing industry.  I am wondering if he will have positive or negative impact.  The reason I am stating this is because his campaign has been very citizen focused vs. corporate focused.  So, if he honours his commitments to the citizens, then he may start to look more closely at privacy issues.  This would most certainly have negative ramifications on the industry.  If, however, he is looking for ways to stimulate the economy and inject some new changes, then he would need to look at ways to support our industry since we are an important component of the communication highway.

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Welcome to Pinnacle Lists’ Blog!

Welcome to Pinnacle Lists BlogWelcome to Pinnacle Lists Blog!  This is a place where we can exchange specific marketing ideas or simply thoughts around what is happening in the world.  I will be blogging about different types of marketing lists.  I will also inform you about what’s happening in the direct marketing world OR world events that involve marketing issues.

I welcome you to let me know what topics would be of interest to you.  Thanks for taking the time to come by!


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