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FTP Uploads

Anonymous FTP Uploads

We have an FTP site your list data department can upload to. If you’d like to send us files over the net, there are two ways to do so.

  1. Web Browser (easy; Internet Explorer-supported only)
  2. FTP Client (advanced; requires desktop program)

Instructions for both follow.
*** Important: once you have finished uploading, please alert us that your files are there.

Web Browser

  1. Open “My Computer”, then locate the files you want to upload on your local drive.
  2. Highlight one or two of them, and select “copy” (Edit > Copy).
  3. Open Internet Explorer:
    Start > All Programs > Internet Explorer
  4. Click File > Open, then type/paste in this URL: ftp://ftp.pinnaclelists.com/incoming
  5. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, then see the note below
  6. Right-click in the empty space in this new window, and choose Paste
    Note: you can simply drag & drop the files instead of using copy/paste functions
  7. If it looks like your files are transferring successfully, then go back and Copy/Paste the rest of your files.
    Note: when you refresh the window, your file will disappear. This is because the anonymous FTP is “write-only”preventing other people on the web from seeing your files
  8. Email us to alert us that your files have arrived

NOTE for Internet Explorer 7 and newer

If you see this message: FTP directory /incoming at ftp.pinnaclelists.com

To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

..then look to the right side of your browser toolbar, and you will see a button called Page (click this picture to enlarge):

Select the ‘Page’ menu option in the right side of your browser’s toolbar, and choose “Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer”. Then log in again when prompted.

*** Important: once finished, please alert us that your files are there so that we can remove them for your security.

You can click on the link above to open this window. This allows you to drag & drop the files you’re sending right into your browser window.

FTP Client

If you’d like to use an FTP client instead, you can log in as follows:

Login Method: anonymous
: pinnaclelists.com
Pass: <just use your email address>
Remote Directory: /incoming

The client was very happy with the campaign. The click-thrus were very good. We’ll definitely look to do this again in the future. Thank you for all your help and patience! SMS Campaign SuccessLinda J - Financial MarketerLA, California, USA