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Some Solid Email Marketing Lists Tips

Here at Pinnacle Lists, we are often asked what is going to help us to obtain the best results with our email marketing campaign?  As I have stated before, one of the biggest factors in email marketing success is touching the end users several times – that one broadcast will not deliver the results you are hoping for.

I decided to locate a couple good articles that will help you to obtain the results you desire from email marketing.  Here is what I located:

Here’s a great article entitled, “7 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing” – it discusses a number of different issues that impact the outcome of an email marketing campaign.  Here are some of the highlights:

– Take the time to create a truly relevant and clear subject line – it is a make or break on whether the email is noticed
–  Make sure you use alt tags on all images in case the images do not load – they will be there and need to be relevant to the subject matter

Here is another article around great email marketing tips, and some highlights:

–  Stick to the subject – focus on what the subject line is discussing.  Do not ramble on about other irrelevant stuff
–  Do not write a novel – be succinct since people’s time is precious and they receive a lot of other emails

The above are very solid email marketing lists tips to keep in mind when developing your email marketing campaign.  Please contact us for a count.

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