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Landing Page Conversion Killers and How to Avoid Them

Landing Page Conversion Killers and How to Avoid ThemI often wonder how much time smaller businesses spend developing their email marketing strategy.  A big part of the strategy is the landing page that the email broadcast is going to send people to.

Today I want to look at landing page conversion killers and how to avoid them.

As a Direct Marketing Consultant I am constantly looking for ways to support my clients direct marketing efforts.  The issue of landing page conversion killers is an important one today with so many organizations turning to email marketing for faster more cost effective marketing.

Here is an article from unbounce titled “5 Landing Page Conversion Killers.”    The article focuses on 5 conversion killers – here they are:

1.  Poor typography and white space – user wider margins and increase the contrast between your font and your background.
2.  Slow loading landing page -only have the essentials on your site – remove clutter
3.  Obsessing About the Fold – It’s OK to have a longer landing page with plenty of copy
4.  Weak Ass Testimonials – More than 62% of consumers will purchase a product based on positive ratings – so therefore have quality testimonials on your site.
5.  Crushing Readers with a “Wall of Text” – Highlight keywords, use headings, write short paragraphs, and utilize lists

Here is another article from Mintblogger titled “How to create Killer Landing Pages For Higher Conversions.”  This looks at landing page conversion killers from the other side of the page – what works vs. not.

One key question that needs to be asked is:  do you have the tech skills to build your own page, or do you need the support of a web developer?

The big one is:  What is the goal or purpose of your landing page?  You can have all the design and marketing skills, however, if you do not know why you are developing this landing page, then the rest is irrelevant.

The moment you plan to sell two or more products on a landing page, you are sunk.

The cleaner and clearer is your landing page, the better.  Keep it focused on your message.

This article emphasizes testimonials too.  The key is to keep them authentic.

I hope that this article has been helpful for your online marketing efforts.

Please contact Pinnacle Lists to learn more about our target marketing list options.

Thanks for your time!

Is email marketing dead? Not on my watch it isn’t!

Is email marketing dead?  Not on my watch it isn't!Is email marketing dead?  As far as I am concerned there is still lots more upside to email marketing.  Yes, there is no doubt that SMS text messaging is very popular.  However, I really question people’s comfort around receiving a text based advertising message.

As a Target Marketing List Broker, I work with clients on a very regular basis who are interested in email marketing.  Why?  Because it offers a very timely and cost effective method of delivering a message with a call to action and/or offer to my customer’s prospective customers.

Today, I would like to see what else is being said regarding “is email marketing dead?”  It is my guess that others are also saying “not on my watch!”  🙂

Here is an article from Deliverability.com titled “One more reason why you want to acquire email addresses and not Facebook likes.”

The article confirms that when people are asked if they prefer email addresses to Facebook likes, they prefer email addresses.  Why?  Because the response rate is much stronger.

Facebook wants you to pay to get Likes.  Then Facebook wants you to pay again to send messages to the users.   The danger of a closed environment.  This is why it is so important for email to stay open.

Here is another awesome article from Marketing Land titled “Is Email Dead?”   The stats in this article are mind blowing!  When you compare email to Facebook and Twitter, email blows them away combined!

Is email marketing dead?  No way according to this article!  A survey indicated that only 15% of people thought that it was dead.  I would have to say that the majority rules.

Here is one more brief article from Shareaholic titled “7 Hot Tips for Growing Your Blog’s Email List.”   The question is once again asked:  Is email marketing dead?  Again, the response is:  No Way!  Email accounts are needed to set-up Facebook and Twitter.  Email is a tool that’s going to be around for many years to come.

I hope that this has been a helpful article.  Please contact Pinnacle Lists to discuss how email marketing is not dead.  🙂  Thanks for your time!

Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Will Fail

Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Will FailToday let’s look at the reasons why your email marketing campaign will fail.

As a Target Direct Marketing List Broker, I have had companies submit a simple text based creative to me saying that’s what they want to send out.  I will typically express my concerns to them that they will not be taken seriously in a day where graphics and video are very common.

Let’s take a look at what others are saying about why your email marketing campaign will fail.

Here is an article from B2C titled “9 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Will Fail.”  One thing that the article emphasizes is that email marketing is not dead.  Let’s take a look at the reasons why your email marketing campaign will fail that the article sites:
1.   Give the Impression of Spamming – for example, your subject line is vague, does it include unacceptable words or symbols or is in CAPS
2.  Ensure that your list is solid – if this is your own internal list, make sure that you are removing dead/old data.  The best is to use permission based double opt in broadcasting for prospecting
3.  Make sure that you use personalization and that it looks clean – not in a different colour or font.  It needs to look like they are part of the message – not an after thought
4.  Neglect to optimize your email for mobile smart phones – considering that more and more people are reading their email this way
5.  Not segmenting your list – if you want to drive away customers or prospects send them irrelevant information.
6.  Not providing value – there is nothing worse than a nice looking email creative with zero value – irrelevant content will only irritate
7.  You purchased an email list – big mistake – the only reputable way to reach out to prospects is through a permission based opt in email broadcast
8.  If you exclude your address at the bottom you have violated Can Spam – your REAL contact details are a must
9.  Ignoring CAN SPAM – you need to ensure that you follow Can Spam regulations or else you are liable

I hope that this information has been helpful.  Please contact Pinnacle Lists for more information about running a successful permission based opt in email campaign.

Thanks for your time!

Landing Page Ideas – Improving Your Email Campaign

Landing Page Ideas - Improving Your Email CampaignI’d like to look at landing page ideas and the impact that this will have on permission based opt in email campaigns.

As a Direct Marketing Consultant I speak with many different businesses who approach me to locate a targeted email list for them.   You would be amazed at how many organizations want to run an email campaign and do not have a clear understanding of how their landing page should look.  Some think that having their phone number is enough.  Some think that if people are interested they will simply respond to the email.  What I have to explain to my customer is that in order to send out an email broadcast from a list company, they need to use their email address since that is the email address that the recipients opted in to.

Today, I would like to take a look at some landing page ideas to see what others have to say.

Here is an article from Direct Marketing IQ titled “Perfecting the Landing Page.”  The article focuses on the necessary structure that will drive business.  Testing is another important aspect of a landing page that is mentioned.  This allows you to assess the quality of the landing page – is it delivering results?

Here is another article from KISSmetrics titled “The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.”  Here are some of the key recommendations that the article makes:
1.  Page headlines and ad copy – your email message needs to compliment your page headlines – they need to work together
2.  Impeccable Grammar – it is amazing how many people put together a very graphical landing page with no thought around the copy and grammar quality
3.  Build Trust – Use testimonials, guarantee seals, press mentions, etc. – this will help to build confidence for people to take the next steps
4.  Strong Call to Action – this is a VERY important part of any email campaign – your email creative and your landing page MUST have very strong calls to action otherwise nothing will happen

I hope that I have provided you with some landing page ideas that will be helpful.

Please contact Pinnacle Lists for more details on targeted opt in email lists.  Thanks for your time!

SOLOMO Marketing – What is it?

SOLOMO Marketing - What is it?How many of you have heard the term SOLOMO Marketing?  It is a new term to me that I wanted to learn more about.  I now know that SOLOMO Marketing = Social Local and Mobile.

As a Direct Marketing List Consultant, I recognize that the concepts of Social, Local, and Mobile marketing are very here and now and tie in directly with the permission based email marketing that many of my clients engage in.

I would like to take a look at some articles about SOLOMO Marketing to learn what others have to say about it.

Here is the article that sparked my attention from Ernan Roman titled ” SoLoMo Marketers and Multichannel Mix.”   It’s about being better able to serve the mulch-experience consumer.

When we combine social, local, and mobile channels we are really supporting customer engagement.

SoLoMo Marketing as an integrated approach is still quite experimental.  Like any form of targeted marketing, testing is a very important step to take on a smaller granular scale to assess what mix works best for your product or service.

Here is another article from The Cross Channel Conversation titled “Get Social, Local & Mobile with Neolane at DMA 2012.”  The article talks about how the organization utilized Social, Local, and Mobile marketing at the Direct Marketing Association 2012 Conference.  They promoted a contest through Twitter where they invited people to take a picture with the Smart Car at their booth and post it on Twitter – so that’s the Social channel.  Then they hosted a party at a local venue for some more PR which supported the Local channel.  For the Mobile channel they launched a mobile app as a way for people to stay connected with their services.  It’s about getting creative.  How can you communicate your message in a unified way through these different channels?

I hope that this information on SOLOMO Marketing has been of use.  Please contact Pinnacle Lists to learn how we can integrate targeted list marketing into your SOLOMO strategy!  Thanks for your time!

Email Marketing Ideas – New Updates

Email Marketing Ideas - UpdateLet’s spend some time taking a look at email marketing ideas and what new updates are being discussed online.

As a Direct Marketing Consultant, I am still finding that opt in email marketing is still very much in demand and being fully utilized for both B2C and B2B campaigns.  Whether my clients are promoting cars or technology services, they are reaching out to their prospective clients where they spend a lot of their time – either in front of their PC or on their Smart Phone.

Today I will review a couple of other articles to see what others have to say about email marketing ideas and what new concepts are being discussed.

Here is a post from Atomic Email Marketing Blog titled “Email Marketing: 29 Ideas and Tips for 2012.” Some of the key elements that the post mentions includes: data capture, list growth, deliverability improvement, and design ideas.

Here are some data capture ideas:
–  Investigate new options and channels to help you to acquire new subscribers – like kiosks, QR codes, and social media.
–  I would suggest that you looked into external permission based targeted lists (I am a List Broker after all) this would allow you to expand your present client base and increase your exposure in a very timely manner.  Whereas, going through Social Media, kiosks, QR codes, etc., can take quite a bit of time to collect the data.

Design/Content/Frequency ideas:
– Your emails need to be mobile friendly
– Add more punch to your content by turning to employees, vendors, etc. – be out of the box
– Do more than sell – educate, innovate, celebrate!

– measure results based on segment, demographic, domain, etc.

Here is an article from AWeber Communications titled “Freshen Up Your Email Campaign for Fall.”  Some quick food for thought from the author are:
– Try using sidebars in your creative to highlight some specific events
–  Include Share buttons at the top of your creative to connect your prospects to your social media content

I hope that you were able to walk away with a new idea to support your targeted marketing strategy.

Please contact Pinnacle Lists to discuss your targeted list needs.  Thanks for your time!

How to Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

How to improve email marketing delivery ratesI came across this article in Target Marketing titled “4 Email Marketing Techniques to Revamp your Program and Increase ROI.  As a Direct Marketing Consultant, I am always looking for new ways for my client’s to optimize their online marketing experience – to improve email marketing campaigns.  This article definitely speaks to that.  The 4 techniques it discusses are:
1.  Optimize Email for Mobile – the different receiving devices need to be kept in mind when sending out email campaigns.
2.  Increase Relevancy – Ensure proper segmentation to ensure that you are targeting the right customers or prospects with the relevant message/call to action.
3.  Create Triggered Communications – Make sure that you are delivering specific and relevant information about an event, product, or service.  It will help the prospect or customer move forward.
4.  Optimize your Channels – A recent survey confirms that over 60% of respondents stated that email communications was the best way to receive promotions.

Here is another article that emphasizes giving your customers or prospects what they want – whether it is a discount or some information on how they can save money.

The key point I would like to make is that you need to make sure that you speak to your customer or prospect directly in your communications instead of pushing your product or service.  What do they need?  How can you help them?

I hope that this information has been helpful for you.  Please contact us to learn more about opt in email marketing.  Thanks!

Email Marketing inbox delivery

Email Inbox, email marketing, email listHow many times have you wondered how can you have a successful email campaign when there is so much anti-spam security in place?  As a Targeted Direct Marketing List Broker, I try to support my clients with an opt in email campaign that will get to the recipient’s inbox.

Today, I wanted to take a look at some articles around the inbox to see what ideas others have come up with to ensure a more successful campaign.

Here is one article that I located from Direct Marketing IQ titled, “Hitting the Email Inbox.”  The article states that because there is so much email volume, you need to be aware of what will help you to stand apart.  Try testing different times of day.  Try segmenting and reviewing your results based on segment.

Here is another article from Mashable Business titled, “Inbox – Sanity Tool Boomerang Hits 1 Million downloads.”  The article emphasizes the importance of inbox management since so much of our communications begin or end here.

Here’s a good article on spam issues called, “Top 10 Causes for Spam Complaints” from AWebber Communications.  It speaks to the different reasons that your emails are considered to be spam.  Worth a read!

Please contact us to learn more about email marketing and how to ensure that your email campaign is properly delivered.  Thanks for your time!

Pay Per Click Advertising losing ground?

Pay Per Click Advertising losing ground, PPC, Pay-Per-Click, Opt in Email list, marketingI find lately that I am sparked to write my blog based on other articles that I find in my inbox.  Today’s article is on the decline of pay per click advertising.  It states that fewer and fewer people are clicking on paid ads – more are turning to organic ads that naturally show up in searches.

As a Direct Marketing Consultant, I have been utilizing PPC advertising for several years with mixed results.  I have found that many of the inquiries that come from PPC ads are quite often “tire kickers” – price shopping – looking for deals.  My best clients still tend to come from referrals.  Many looking at utilizing opt in email marketing.

I thought that I would look at what others are saying about pay per click advertising.  Here is what I found:

Here’s an article titled, “Are You Making These 3 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Mistakes?”  The 3 mistakes they highlight are:
1.  Not monitoring your search query report – make sure that you monitor matches that are not relevant to your business.
2.  Not writing unique ads – better to tailor your ads for a more specific group
3.  Not using extensions – use visuals where you can so that people can see what you are selling.

Here is one more article comparing Google PPC with Facebook PPC.  The article states that Facebook is the way to go because you can focus on people’s specific interests and how they line up with your offering.  Try it out if you haven’t – test different images and copy to see what interests people.

Please contact us to discuss how you can tie an opt in email campaign with your PPC efforts.  Thanks for your time!

US Postal Service vs. The World Wide Web

Today, more and more organizations are being impacted by the move towards the World Wide Web (www) and the new world of electronic media. As a Direct Marketing Consultant, I have witnessed more and more of my clients moving towards electronic based opt in email campaigns vs. direct mail or telemarketing.

I came across an article that states that the “(US Postal Service) USPS Reforms as it Revises Restructuring Plan.”  The USPS plans to trim $20 Billion from it’s operating budget – I repeat….$20 billion!  That is an enormous cost cutting!  Maybe it will be put towards cutting the USA debt load!  The article goes on to say that the demand for first class mail service has declined by 25% since 2006.

I wanted to do a bit more research to see if there were other article around the declining postal service.

Here is another article titled, “U.S. Postal Service nearing bankruptcy as email asserts its dominance.”  The USPS is depending on an Act of Congress or else they may default due to their rising costs.   Who wants to pen a letter when you can email anyone anywhere in seconds??

I truly feel badly for all the thousands of postal workers/staff around the world who are being severely impacted by this enormous industry shift.  This has happened before and will continue to happen.  Remember when Research in Motion was a dominant player in the smart phone sector?  Remember film?

For more information about targeted direct marketing lists, please contact us.  Thanks for your time and interest!

The client was very happy with the campaign. The click-thrus were very good. We’ll definitely look to do this again in the future. Thank you for all your help and patience! SMS Campaign SuccessLinda J - Financial MarketerLA, California, USA