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Top Direct Marketing Tips 2013

Top Direct Marketing Tips 2013Today, I would like to look at the Top Direct Marketing Tips that rose to the surface in 2013!

As a Direct Marketing List Broker, I am regularly asked what I do and how I support businesses.  This is a great article that speaks to the benefits of utilizing direct marketing in your business or non-profit.

What can you do differently in the coming months to differentiate yourself from the competition?

What one small change will make all the difference?  Have you added videos to your website to tap into the power of YouTube to drive your traffic?

I think that it is always important at the end of a year to review the Top Direct Marketing Tips to learn some new ideas.

When we speak with clients, we take them through our 3-Step process to ensure that we are clear about their business, and that they are clear about our deliverable.

I came across an article in digital versions of Target Marketing magazine.

Here are some of the tips that the article speaks to:
–  Marketing should be anything less than perfect today with all the tools that are available to us – grammar and spelling for instance
–  Things are more likely to be clicked if they are funny
–  Quickly identify customers who need your support
–  Understand the financial implications of the data that you have
–  Check out Offline to Online marketing – a means of driving prospects to your digital experience where they keep coming back due to incentives that you offer
–  With Opt In Email Marketing, if you have found that your prospect has not opened their email after 6 months, then remove them from the list

There are many more tips where these came from.  The key is to review them and assess which ones hit home the most for you.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your direct marketing list needs.  Thanks for your time.


The client was very happy with the campaign. The click-thrus were very good. We’ll definitely look to do this again in the future. Thank you for all your help and patience! SMS Campaign SuccessLinda J - Financial MarketerLA, California, USA